The Love for Three Oranges

                              by Fiona Maddocs

    "The director-designer David Fielding, who has his own nice line in zestful dissent, has opted for theatre-of-cruelty: a clone-like chorus, space-hoppers, Sigmund Freud lookalikes, striped pyjamas, black suits, horn-rimmed glasses and, wisely, hardly a nod at the 18th-century Venetian commedia dell'arte of the Gozzi original."

                                  by Stephen Walsh

      "Speed is a strong feature of David Fielding’s production at the Grange: speed in the sense of stage choreography, and in the sense of quick-witted integration of hybrid elements. Fielding does his own designs, and their eclecticism fits the spirit of the score exactly.."

                                    by James Jolly

        "The Love for Three Oranges is bonkers and a real gift for a director with flair and wit, and in David Fielding they have found someone absolutely able to deliver the visual gags, but always attuned to the music.
        But Fielding is a director of profligate visual imagination and has provided me with some of my funniest moments in the opera house